Saturday, January 12, 2008

You Be the Judge

Oh I'd say about 5 weeks ago we purchased this lovely link of chorizo from the terrific Bedford Cheese Shop. Rather than eat it right away, we opted to dangle it artfully from a hook in our kitchen wall ala Italian Salumeria. It looked pretty great up there. I had visions of making its final resting place a perfectly golden, saffron-laced paella. But then it was Christmas... and we made a prime rib roast... and then it was New Years Eve.... and we ordered Thai take out.... And well, we completely forgot about the chorizo. Until tonight. When we realized it was uh, dripping some sort of unidentified liquid. Maybe "sweating" is a better way to describe this particular phenomenon. As a general rule, anytime a food item starts to behave actively on its own (i.e. grow fuzz, implode, ooze, etc.) I tend to feel like that is a really good time to part ways. However, with something like chorizo that is already dried and cured... I'm not sure what to think. My sous-chef thinks it is "probably fine".... You be the judge.

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Donna said...

Maybe not a good thing to eat. I agree with you. When the food stuff shows self induced change it might be time to toss it.