Monday, January 7, 2008

West Coast Quiche!

It's official folks. The quiche craze has gone bi-coastal. Check out my friend Erik's red pepper, crimini mushroom, green onion & garlic quiche* sporting an uber-californian whole wheat crust!

*Note: After a considerable debate about the finer points of the correct dairy/egg ratio per quiche we did NOT reach a consensus. Erik and his sous-chef are decidedly more health conscious than we are here in Brooklyn. (In our school of thought, it isn't possible to reach quiche-nirvana without making a substantial offering to the heavy cream goddess) So... while his quiche may not serve up a coronary, it definitely gets bonus points for being heart smart.

1 comment:

erik said...

To defend my quiche (well, I suppose it wasn't attacked), I made a whole wheat crust because I ran out of plain flour ... and it was my first handmade crust ever. As for the number of eggs, I just can't bring myself to add many many eggs just yet. We'll see if I can get the nerve up.
However, I can say the quiche was very very tasty.