Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stop Taking Pictures of My Dinner!

New England Fish Chowda.

"Stop taking pictures of my dinner!" exclaimed the Sous Chef who is usually most convivial, however today was a bit under the weather and therefore testy. At about 1:00 pm EST he registered an official "request" for fish soup. Now, "fish soup" could mean anything; bouillabaisse, bisque, stew, cioppino, pho...... Bad attitudes aside, and being a native New Englander, I took pity on him and whipped up an authentic fish chowder, uh- I mean, Chowda. The Sous Chef's all-time favorite seafood joint "S.S. Lobster" in Fitchburg Massachusetts may be a whopping 201 miles away, but nonetheless, I embraced the spirit of things and cooked this up in a t-shirt that says "World Class Maine Lobster Captain. Eat Me if You Dare".

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