Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is me gearing up for the first quiche of 2008

Again, not a quiche. But at least not an octopus! I figured if I baked something...anything... I would at least be on the right road to quichedom. Incidentally, the road to quichedom leads to next Saturday. I am going to be catering a party with my friend next weekend down in Maryland and we plan to make enough quiche to serve about fifty people. I don't want to burn out too soon, so I'm pacing myself. There is also a possibility that I have to make fifty servings of gluten-free quiche, which threatens to implode the delicate filling-to-crust relationship my sous-chef and I have so painstakingly researched, tested and established. More about that later....

Since I can't seem to bake anything totally sweet, these are my semi-savory cracked pepper corn muffins. I sprinkled a few red pepper flakes on top before they went in the oven. They accompanied an herby and earthy casserole of morel mushrooms, garlic, kale, and homemade gnocchi. It tasted great but looked like sludge, so it didn't make it to the wall of fame. We deemed it hobbit gruel because if I had to guess, that'd be what folks are dishing up in the shire.

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