Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time to Get Serious

We had the magic ingredients -- all we needed was an identity. At that time, I was still working for Satan, but had given my two-week notice and found myself day dreaming my final hours away, lost in quiche paradise. I started to act like one of those crazy people that collect shot glasses from airports, or talk incessantly about their labradoodle's psoriasis condition... if anyone uttered one word to me, I found a way to instantly navigate the conversation to the subject of quiche.

On my last day of the job I filled my briefcase with drawing paper and colored pencils and decided to create this logo for our imaginary quiche business. I showed it to the temp who they had brought in to observe me and absorb by osmosis everything I knew about my job, but lucky for her, all she got to watch me do was watch me sketch pictures of quiche. I asked her what she thought about my burgeoning quiche business. She laughed and said, "a revival!"

A revival indeed. Fondue freaks, watch out! The time is ripe for quiche to make a comeback!

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