Saturday, January 5, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Bobby Flay

Some people just don't give it a rest until they grind their competition into a bloody pulp. The thirst to WIN is overpowering....

After having experienced QUICHE-NIRVANA, we weren't sure what to do with ourselves. We awoke the next morning with a dilemma. Should we ignore the fireworks that exploded in our palates the night before, blush and move on with our lives like a one-night stand or do we brazenly declare our triumph to our friends and family and carve another culinary notch in our already too-tight belts. We were sitting on the best thing to happen to quiche since medieval times when a horde of wild French chefs wielding cleavers and cast iron pots clobbered the German peoples of Lothringen and declared it Lorraine (actual historic details may be fuzzy).

We slunk off to the local coffee shop to obtain caffeine and perhaps a clearer perspective on our plight. However, staring right back at us, through the refrigerated case, as if to MOCK our delicate situation was a ham and asparagus quiche, selling for $3.50 a slice.

"Let's get one," said my sous-chef, his eyes starting to get glassy, brimming with competitive lust. "Let's just see how ours stacks up to the local competition". So we ordered a slice and waited until we got to the car to sample it. We knew with the very first bite. The crust was soggy in places, the egg was too dense and the ham and asparagus only made an appearance every third bite or so. Neither of us wanted to be the first to say what was on our minds... that our quiche would blow the competition out of the water.

I grabbed my notebook and we sped off. We were already rattling off potential ingredients.....crispy pancetta, gorgonzola, spring peas, smoked salmon, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions.... We would infuse our crusts with fresh herbs... rosemary! thyme! dill!

I was mentally preparing myself for a quiche throwdown.

All we needed was a business plan...

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