Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Pie-dol

In the spirit of the good ol' US of A and the unwavering "patriotism" of FOX TV and all its glorious affiliate stations, I decided to make something uh, American.

Behold! Curry Chicken Pot Pie.

Well, I guess it's American minus the curry. That funny looking thing on the left is a Pillsbury Golden Layer Homestyle Biscuit ®. I KNOW I know; ever since the English Muffin post last week, things have taken a less-than-gourmet turn. I blame last night's season premiere of American Idol. Every year it brings out the bumpkin in me. I should be more embarrassed about this, but I'm not. The rest of the pie was built from scratch and pretty gosh darn delicious -- resplendent with a lovely golden curry and chock full of parsnips, peas, onions, carrots and celery! I don't want to be hasty in my judgment, but folks, this pot pie is going straight to Hollywood.

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