Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Quiche is Born

We started taking quiche more seriously last November. I attribute the recent quiche boom to a primal loathing of my day job (which I have since abandoned), an obsession with competitive cooking shows and what has since turned into an endless quest for the perfect combination of quiche ingredients...

It all started with a Smoked Trout, Spinach and Leek quiche. After having grown weary of our usual fare (my sous-chef has a particular flair for risotto and homemade stocks, but after the umpteenth risotto dish of the season, I declared a moratorium on risotto), we decided to venture into the unknown.

I am an avid home-cook. I am not a baker. I come from a family of better-than-average cooks, and one or two notable bakers, but historically, baking did to my culinary abilities what chemistry class did to my grade point average in high school. All those measurements and the need for precision scared me away. To me cooking is about passion! and flavor! and tasting things... a little of this, a little of that, etc. Baking had always seemed sort of a square pastime. Besides, I have good friends that are amazing bakers (check out my very talented friend Sarah's blog and all her nifty baking: ) and so I felt little need to carve a baking niche for myself.

But there we were, bored, and there was all this smoked trout in the fridge just begging to be turned into something delicious, so we gave it a go. I called my grandmother and got her simple pie crust recipe (baking turned out to be sort of fun...) and rustled up some heavy cream, eggs and cheese and voilĂ ! Smoked Trout, Spinach and Leek.

It was the BEST quiche we had ever tasted. Quite possibly the best quiche anyone had ever the history of Brooklyn and maybe the Universe.

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sarah said...

Love it! You need to write some copy for my photo heavy blog : )