Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Man and His Garden

So when I set out every year to have a halfway decent garden, I have to first come to terms with the fact that whatever modest harvest I end up with, will inevitably pale in comparison to my grandfather's garden. Every year he has a magnificent garden full of tomatoes, squash, cabbage, cucumbers, cantaloupe (this year's wild card), chard and wild rhubarb. I am okay with this :) More than anything, his garden gives me the added motivation to see what I can get to grow in a pot or two on my fire escape. However, for the sake of documenting all things inspirational and food related, I am including this terrific photo of my Papa with a giant bunch of rhubarb that he was more than happy to give to me (since technically, the rhubarb season has passed*, my grandmother was done making strawberry rhubarb pies til next season, and I was making his job of clearing the patch a wee bit easier)

* spring really is the best time for rhubarb -- however, I find that in a somewhat cooler climate like northern mass - the shoots stay tender til mid summer and are not at all woody as you'd expect. more about rhubarb later...

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