Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Open Your Face and Eat This Sandwich

Disclaimer: This is not an "actual" post. (As I was reminded by the Sous Chef) This is what results from 3 days of house arrest and no access to inventive groceries. Coming soon... this morning's half-eaten bowl of cereal...
The term open-face is sort of annoying to me. I had an open-faced tuna melt sandwich once on a weirdly mammoth english muffin at a diner on 86th and 2nd and it was like eating a polymorphic tuna-flavored sponge. I ate it and then promptly regretted it. It was not my finest moment. The trick to open facing is maneuverability. Rule #1: the sandwich cannot be bigger than your actual face. Rule #2: All sandwich ingredients must be firmly anchored onto the bread in some fashion. Rule #3: The bread must be crispy (this is non negotiable) or toasted.
When executed properly, the open-faced sandwich is a delightfully carefree way to eat your lunch. If you are feeling particularly cavalier, you may eat it with one hand.

Open Face Sandwich: Green Olive Tapenade, Zucchini and Mozzarella on Whole Wheat Nut Bread.

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Marc said...

Sous Chef here. I'm deciding to go public for the first time because I feel some quality control is in order. Recently, the "chef", my devoted girlfriend, ventured some alarming commentary; that I was dangerously close to growing the hairstyle to end all hairstyles - a mullet. I valued her candor and return it herewith.

Dear reader, you will notice the last post, an open face whatcha-ma-call-it, fails in every respect to match the caliber of cuisine that has come to define this site. What you are witnessing is a chronicle of desperation from one who has dutifully surrendered a 3rd consecutive day to the oversight of our home security system install, effectively house arrest. With few ingredients and even fewer ways to occupy her time, the chef could well try to pass off a glass of milk has her next culinary delight. I beg you to consider her circumstances before you pass judgement and hopefully these dark days will pass as swiftly as water through the pasta strainer. Carry on.