Friday, November 7, 2008

Ginger Plum Wine Poached Salmon: the Original Food for Thought

I am always trying to find new ways to incorporate more fish into my diet. Yes folks, I have booked a ticket on the omega-3 express. It's not as easy as you think (short of spiking my morning oatmeal with flax seed oil which I am loath to do-- raisins and honey are far more appealing). The Sous Chef of course would eat sushi for breakfast, however I have a moderately less voracious appetite for all things from the deep. (By less voracious I just mean the thought of seafood at every single meal leaves me well, green around the gills.) Salmon though is one of those miracle foods. Right up there with blueberries, pomegranate seeds and kale, salmon has been endorsed left and right by health practitioners and nutritionists for having wondrous effects on one's overall well-being. Salmon is, "low in calories and saturated fat, high in protein, and contains a unique type of health-promoting fat, the omega-3 essential fatty acid" -- which has been linked to better brain function and mental health --thank you internet. Now-- all of that being said, left to my own devices salmon would be smoked or cured exclusively (I was brought up on Saturday morning bagels at murray's deli in Philadelphia and I go to the church of Russ & Daughters here in NYC). However for the purposes of making tasty and healthful dinners, poaching is a fine alternative. Usually I poach in white wine, butter, garlic lemon etc... not winning any big points for originality with this concoction; however, tonight I decided to get a little wild. Okay not really - but I believe the salmon may have at least been wild. (There are notable differences between farm-raised salmon and wild salmon, in taste, texture and in ethics-- however attempts at sustainably farmed salmon or "environmentally responsible aquaculture" are out there - see This dinner was pretty tasty. My poaching liquid: fresh ginger, fresh garlic, chili oil, sesame oil, honey, soy sauce and plum wine. Served over brown rice and sauteed garlicky rainbow chard. With avocado as well -- I was practicing my sushi knife skills.

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